Nowadays, shopping is uncomplicated for people from all types of households, compared to 10 or 20 years ago. There are also grocery shopping situated around to satisfy shoppers from every level of their budget. Products prices are not the same in every store because there are dissimilar stores to cater to every household in Malaysia. Low salary shoppers find that shopping at the places stated below is better for their budgets that they have set aside for grocery shopping. Here are the 5 favourite grocery shopping settings that low earnings shoppers are looking for shopping at in Malaysia.

#1 Mydin


Mydin started out with small outlets and is today scattered across 11 states in Malaysia. The reason why it’s growing is that of the value that its products are priced at. It has everything a shopper looks for when it comes to grocery shopping and more. They are selling fresh vegetables, fruits, drinks, frozen items and even pet food are some of the products that are available at Mydin. With its reasonable prices, it’s not unusual that Mydin is always full of people at any time of the day.

#2 TescoSource

Tesco wasn’t really one of the chosen spots for grocery shoppers, it has more or less worked its way into low budget households. When it comes to its good product deals, Tesco has a considerable plan that allows the customers to save money while shopping for the items that they need. This strategy attracts people anyways. And also the fact that Tesco has special contests for every festive instance, which include cash prizes. Who doesn’t love cash prizes?

#3 EconsaveSource

Econsave is a massive favourite place for grocery shopping not just Malaysians, but for foreigners as well. Promoting a scope of products that are reasonable to low budget shoppers. Econsave has managed to make itself one of the most-liked grocery shopping setting in low budget households. With items like fresh vegetables, diapers and celebration cookies, this shopping store has everything that a Malaysian household needs the most. Econsave can be found in almost all states of Malaysia, from Johor to Kuala Lumpur. There’s almost a store in every city, which makes it simple for the shoppers to buy their groceries.

#4 GiantSource

A big part of the committee shoppers is from low budget households, who have enjoyed making Giant their choice as grocery shopping spots. Giant has all the right reasonable products to cater to shoppers from low budget homes and these include reasonable food items that contain fresh vegetables and a variety of drinks. This grocery shopping store is also popular for its great festive deals, which include low prices on drinks and food items that are needed for that particular festival.

#5 Pasar TaniSource

Pasar Tani is widely known to Malaysians for its extraordinary deals on seafood, meat and vegetables. It’s an appreciable way for local sellers to sell their products to shoppers. It’s why the prices there are inexpensive and in a lot of ways are right for low budget shoppers looking for the right place for their grocery budget. What contradicts Pasar Tani to grocery shopping stores is that the items that are sold there are fresh. Fresh grocery products at good prices are the kinds of deals that every shopper looks for, mainly if that shopper is looking to buy the best product and save some money at the same time.


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