Looking for a place to get the latest and trendiest technological gadgets? If you are looking for the best places within the Kuala Lumpur, look no further. This article lists 10 such places where you will not only find a variety of technological gadget brands all under one roof but, you will also be able to purchase them at the best deals.

1) Low Yat PlazaSource

Low Yat Plaza is actually a shopping refuge for the high-tech savvy individual. This shopping mall is packed with shop lots and kiosks selling broad collections of technological gadgets; smartphones, laptops, cameras, notebooks, tablets, desktops, software products and antivirus products. It is a technological gadget treasure trove over here! That is why this mall was bestowed the honorary title as “Malaysia’s Largest IT Lifestyle Mall” by The Malaysia Book of Records. Plaza Low Yat is more than just a mall that specializes in electronic gadgets. It also provides entertainment and leisure through the various food and café outlets it accommodates, such as Kameya Japanese Restaurant, D’Spice Restaurant and M9 Hitz Radio Bar & Café. It also engages dessert outlets such as Big Apple (local doughnut outlet), bubble tea outlet (Gong Cha) and famous coffee houses such as Coffee Bean and Starbucks.

2) Digital MallSource

Like Plaza Low Yat, this mall is also a one-stop retail complex for electronic goods. It houses the largest IT hypermarket in Malaysia, which is situated at its highest floor. This mall also offers everything from smartphones to notebooks, tablets, desktops, power banks, software products, game consoles and cameras. Outstanding brands that you can find here include Acer, Garmin, Toshiba, Nokia, Apple and Sony. The mall houses two Samsung stores, one specializing in Samsung brand computers and the other in Samsung mobile phones. Apart from that, it occupies service centres for the different telecommunication suppliers such as Digi, Celcom, Maxis and TMnet. Repair and service centres for your personal laptops and mobile phones are also available within the mall.

3) Sungei Wang PlazaSource

The Sungei Wang Plaza is another place that is popular for its cheap electronic goods. Products you can find here include mobile phones, digital cameras, computers and computer peripherals, software products, MP3 players and even computer games. The prices of most of the products here are discussable, so dealing with the retailers is a smart way to go. Although Plaza Low Yat is known as the main hub for cheap electronic gadgets, the prices of the electronic goods sold in Sungei Wang Plaza can sometimes be cheaper than Plaza Low Yat, depending on your negotiating skills.

4) Imbi PlazaSource

Imbi Plaza is another mall in the Bukit Bintang area which specializes in electronics retailing. In its former glory days, before it was overshadowed by Plaza Low Yat, it was known as the biggest computer mall in Malaysia. Now, the building is rather old and pretty run down. Nevertheless, it still houses some of the cheapest electronic products you can find in Kuala Lumpur. You can find cheap prices for computer brands such as Dell, Acer and Sony. Other electronic goods you can get for good bargains include computer games and software products, cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 players. The stores in the mall also offer computer and mobile phone repair services. Other items that the mall is famous for include pirated Blu-ray movies and DVDs.

5) Harvey NormanSource

Harvey Norman, from Australia, provides a broad range of Electrical, Computers, Furniture and Bedding products. Harvey Norman has an important international presence with over 260 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Slovenia, Singapore and Malaysia. Harvey Norman Malaysia established in 2003 and is now looking out for extension opportunities in Malaysia. Harvey Norman stresses the 4-in-1 concept and carries a large range of products ranging from the latest home entertainment systems and computing technology to the most stylish and innovative home appliances available. There is also a comprehensive range of Furniture and Bedding products from Harvey Norman Home Collection. Find your favourite products through their website

6) SenhengSource

Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading consumer electronics chain stores in the country. They operate over 100 stores spread throughout Malaysia letting customers, like you, reach them wherever you may be. They are committed to providing you with the convenient and unique shopping experience, as well as, better value each and every time you shop at Senheng stores. Here in Senheng, they understand the trends and directions of our customers. Therefore, they always offer you the latest and the greatest products, all available in their stores. You can also have a look at their website to find out your needs. 

7) Sony MalaysiaSource 

Sony has multiple outlets in Malaysia, please do visit their website to get the location. They sell almost all electronics such as television & home cinema, audio, cameras, mobile, accessories & smart devices, video cameras, car & marine, energy, storage & cables and much more. 

8) Flash GadgetsSource

At here, you can shop all the type of gadgets you want at reasonable price. Please do visit their facebook page, to get more information. 

9) UniproSource

www.unipro.my is an online store which is selling all range of high quality products at a reasonable price. They are Official Aukey International Authorised Reseller & Distributor in Malaysia. Unipro.my have been founded and orthodox since 2015. Since then, the company have been growing everyday. strive to be one of the top and best Online Store out there. The latest and the greatest products, all available in their stores. They are no 1 in Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal and the US , because they are the only one providing exclusive, unique and innovative products and now they are proud to bring their products to Malaysia thru their official reseller and distributor such as unipro.my. 

10) OlympusSource

Globally, Olympus is acknowledged as the leader in optical, electronic and Tokyo, Japan and provides a wide range of products for the consumer, scientific, healthcare and industrial markets. Some of the products include digital cameras, silver halide cameras, microcassette and digital voice recorders, computer peripherals, industrial endoscopes, biological and metallurgical microscopes, measuring instruments and clinical analyzers. A believer in always being in the forefront of high quality products and performance, Olympus continues to develop revolutionary products in the electronic and precision technologies.Olympus coined the term “opto-digital technology” to represent a complete integration of traditional optical technology and advanced digital technology. The Olympus Malaysia office was established in 2001 with the same direct, single-minded spirit towards the achievement of innovative management and value creation through its high quality products. The Malaysian office is principally involved in the marketing of digital cameras, accessories and digital voice recorders.

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