In Chinese culture, a gift is a token of regard, gratefulness, love, fellowship or neighbourliness. Gift giving and accepting is an enormous piece of Chinese culture and essentially an instrument of building relational connections. Here is a list of wonderful gift ideas for Chinese New Year 2019!



1) Glass Tea Pot

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Such an extravagant glass teapot will fascinate even most critical connoisseurs. It’s made with warmth safe glass and is stove-top safe making it so down to earth and adaptable. 

2) Bubble Tea KitSource: Google

Have some your most loved bubble tea without going out! All that you have to make a decent boba is in this unit including not just three distinct flavours and a sack of custard pearls, yet in addition glasses, shaker, and even straws. 

3) Ballpoint Pen In Lucky Colours

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Chinese trust that red and gold convey good fortune. Everybody would welcome this classy ballpoint in the propitious hues!

4) Egg Waffle MakerSource: Google

Your home will be loaded up with the sweet aroma of a customary Hong Kong dessert with this unbelievable waffle maker. Serve Hong Kong waffles with strawberry, banana, whipped cream, chocolate or any garnishes you like. Delightful!

5) Leaf BookmarksSource: Google

These bookmarks are so rich! Being made of common leaves, they are all around overlaid to guarantee their strength. The bookmarks are embellished with customary Chinese-style works of art and make the perfect present for bibliophiles or any individual who acknowledges delightful things!

6) Ceramic AshtraySource: Google

This wonderful ceramic ashtray includes a customary Chinese-style watercolour painting. It’s a stunning expansion to each home and a magnificent present for somebody who smokes.

7) Chinese Calligraphy Black InkSource: Google

Craftsmen and calligraphers will love this one! It’s an obvious fact that unique Chinese ink is the best ink – it’s thick, very much pigmented and dries in a minute. Additionally appropriate for the individuals who just began their voyage into calligraphy.

8) Chinese ScissorsSource: Google

Over the ages, Chinese scissors have turned out to be imperative because of their flexibility. These exemplary Chinese scissors prove to be useful with regards to cutting ropes, sustenance, plants, and for all intents and purposes anything. They are an unquestionable requirement have for each home.

9) Luck & Prosperity Baby Blanket

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Unexperienced parents will welcome this wool baby blanket! It’s excessively delicate and warm as well as brings favourable luck since red and gold are known to be the most promising Chinese hues.

10) Rattan BasketSource: Google

This classy container consolidates Indonesian rattan sticks and the customary Chinese basketry procedures. It’s both valuable and sleek!

Here comes the end of the list for ‘Wonderful Chinese New Year 2019 Gift Ideas′, we hope you enjoy reading it. Do take a moment and look at these wonderful gifts and let us know which gift mesmerize your heart. As usual, if we missed out any of your favourite Chinese New Year Gifts, do drop your comment to our for us to check it out!

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Wonderful Chinese New Year 2019 Gift Ideas!

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